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Who are we?


The Kanan Kay Alliance


Declining fisheries

Despite regulatory efforts in the marine-coastal zones of the Yucatan Peninsula, fishery production of some commercially and ecologically valuable species continues to drop significantly.


Marine-coastal ecosystems at risk

The health of the Yucatan Peninsula’s marine-coastal ecosystems critically threatened by overfishing, algal blooms on corals, water pollution, and global warming.


Fragmented efforts

Sectors that can change work in a fragmented manner or have limited resources and capacity to address this complex and systemic problem.


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Provides a regional vision

The Alliance, through its collaborative platform, aggregates and contextualizes the work of its members to offer a regional vision, which allows them to identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen marine conservation and sustainable fisheries management efforts in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Promotes intersectoral dialogue and shared actions

Each year, the Alliance holds a meeting with the diverse membership participants. During these sessions, the members learn about the work carried out by each sector, review the shared work plan and its progress, make collective decisions and propose new lines of work.

Follows up on collective agreements and commitments

Through its General Coordination and Coordinating Committee, the Alliance ensures compliance with the arrangements and responsibilities acquired by its members during general assemblies and meetings. In this way, it is possible to communicate small achievements, which sometimes imply significant progress in pursuing objectives.

Manages and optimizes resources

The Alliance offers a common platform that optimizes the time and maximizes resources -including human, information, and economic resources- through synergies and collaboration among its members.

Strategic lines

Our leaders